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The Erie Blades won three consecutive championships from 1978-81, the first as a member of the NEHL, and the last two as participants in the EHL.  Coach Nick Polano was head coach of all three cup-winning teams.  The teams' overall record for their three championship years: 145-54-12.  In 1981 the team ventured into the AHL, and while supplying three NHL teams with players, fell to a 52-loss season.

1980 Blades/USSR player introductions video

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Where are they now???

Dennis Abgrall

Marco Baron

Dave Barr

Nelson Burton

Syl Cote

Jim Cowell

JP Dellacamera

Dave Dornseif

Dave Fortier

Stan Gulutzan

Ron Hansis

Val James

David Johns

Rick Knickle

Pierre Lagace

Dick Layo

Paul Mancini

Gilles Moffet

Paul Pacific

Mark Pletts

Coach Nick Polano

Brad Rhiness

Barry Ryan

Paul Sheard

Doug Shedden

Rick Szabo

Carey Walker