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Erie Golden Blades '85-'86

Record:  34-30-0-0-0     Coach-Ron Hansis     Lost in Finals


1985-86 Player Statistics


Front Row (L-R):    Jim Cowell, Steve Stroul (Owner), Ron Hansis (Player-Coach), Jim Mikol (Owner), Paul Mancini
Middle Row (L-R): Dave Howell, Scott Willman, Dave Barry, Mike Hoar, Darryl Moise, Sylvain Cote, Terry Shook, Robert Moise,
                             Robert Van Biesbrouck, Todd Bjorkstrand, Steve Szydlowski, Dave Herbst, Todd Lumbard
Top Row (L-R):      Bob Bill (Trainer), Pat Laughlin (Assistant Trainer), John Leisering (Voice of the Blades),
                             Harvey Olsen (Assistant Trainer)